Labyrinth seals provide complete protection of the bearings by retaining the lubricant and preventing the ingress of any foreign contaminants. The labyrinth seal consists of two interconnected parts: a static part placed in the bearing housing (stator) and a dynamic part, mounted on the shaft (rotor). The two parts form a labyrinth in which, as there is no contact or friction, there is no wear.

The stator holds the lubricant in the bearing and forces it back into the bearing. The rotor captures contaminants and expels them by centrifugal force and gravity through a drain at the bottom of the labyrinth. The labyrinth seal rotor incorporates an O-ring seal that connects to the shaft, prevents lubricant leakage and seals the equipment against the ingress of vapours and gases.

We have specific drawings for:

  • General services.
  • Corrosive environments (PTFE with glass fillers).
  • Eddy current protection.

Our labyrinth seals are adapted to the equipment to be protected and not the other way round, thanks to the variety of options: with or without flange; reduced section; for stepped shafts; for vertical shafts; for split bearing supports, etc.