Static sealing: Hygienic seals

Solution for standard joints in food and pharmaceutical lines. These joints are characterised by the fact that they form a clean unit, i.e. without dead zones, spaces or cavities where product residues can accumulate and cause subsequent cross-contamination. They are assembled and disassembled manually or with very simple tools to facilitate line maintenance. They are generally known by their trade names “Tri-Clamp”; “Camlok”; “Guillemin”; “NW”; “Sandwich”, “DIN” or “SMS”.

The aseptic seal of these connections, due to its design, is subject to a high mechanical fatigue stress of the “compression set” type which, added to temperature peaks (by process or by cleaning and/or sterilization of the lines), causes a faster deterioration of the material than in other types of seals; it is therefore suggested to replace them after each intervention.

We have a wide range of aseptic gaskets in compliance with DIN 11850, DIN 11851, DIN 32676, ISO 1127, ASME BPE-2009, ISO 2852, SMS 1149, SMS 3019 and non-standard sizes on request for materials ranging from food grade rubbers to PTFE.

FDA construction designs in EPDM, FPM, NBR, PTFE and VMQ, among other materials.

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