Static sealing: Spiral wound gaskets

Gaskets for medium and high pressure services. They are manufactured by spirally winding a metal strip or tape pre-formed into a V-shape, which contains a filler material between the coils. The filler ensures the seal is tight and the metal strip provides the necessary rigidity. Depending on the medium and operating pressure, an inner and/or outer ring can be added to the core of the spiral.

The filling material can be graphite / PTFE, ceramic fibres or other asbestos-free materials.

The design of the V-shaped metal structure, the inner and outer ring or centering ring can be made of different stainless steels, carbon steel, nickel-chromium alloys, titanium and other special materials.

There are four models of spiral wound metal seals with circular geometry :

  • A: consists only of the spiral core, without any additional accessories.
  • RI: the spiral core is inserted into an inner metal ring which acts as a compression stop and prevents erosion of the load.
  • CC: the spiral metal core fits into an outer metal ring which acts as a compression stop and centres the seal exactly on the flange.
  • CCR: gasket with inner and outer metal rings.

Other designs and geometries on request. Gaskets in stock for DIN, ANSI, BS; ASME flanges.

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