O-Rings: Metal gaskets

Suitable for static sealing applications in high pressure and extreme temperature conditions.

For example, in cryogenic applications, ultra high vacuum and very high temperatures where elastomer seals cannot operate.

Design variants:

  • Solid: Solid ring type (RTJ) seals are circular, octagonal or oval in cross-section and require extremely complex assemblies.
  • Corrugated: Corrugated joints are flat, with slight corrugations or grooves and low thickness. Metal-to-metal contact between the corrugations and the flange faces. Corrugated gaskets combine a filler material with the corrugations, resulting in a triple seal.
  • Hollow gaskets: Hollow gaskets can contain a pressurised gas and have micro-perforations on their inner face or be spring loaded. Joints with circular cross-section, C-shaped joints with lower tightening torque and higher elasticity and other cross-sections on request and study.

Seals available in stainless steel, nickel and cobalt alloys and other materials. Gold, silver, copper or nickel coatings can be added. Due to their application in aggressive environments, these seals require very specific surface finishes.

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