We offer you the transformation by extrusion of elastomers, particularly silicones, in a wide variety of forms, thus meeting the requirements of the processing industry. Profiles are often used as reinforcement elements, protection elements in edge protection and as sealing elements in machine construction.

  • L-, T- and U-profiles
  • Buzzards.
  • With rounded edges.
  • Tongue and groove profiles.
  • Lip profiles.
  • In the form of musical notes.
  • Trapezoidal, triangular, square, rectangular and spongy elements in various shapes and sections.

Available materials: NBR; EPDM; SBR; H-NBR; CR; VMQ and FPM.

Also cellular and spongy materials such as CR, NBR, EPDM or VMQ.

In consultation, we can develop more specific profiles and other elastomer formulations of interest.

We rely on reliable suppliers whose quality and experience have been proven over many years of mutual collaboration. In addition, we verify compliance with our design specifications in our quality control laboratory.