O-Rings: Support Rings

The task of the support or anti-extrusion rings is to prevent the static seal from being introduced into the space between the two parts to be sealed and from being damaged when extruded by the system pressure.

Support rings are used as auxiliary elements of O-rings or other seals, especially in high pressure applications for sealing axially moving rods and pistons. They are manufactured in flat or convex sections, depending on the geometry of the part to be protected.

Depending on the extrusion groove between the two sliding parts, O-rings with support rings can operate at pressures up to 250 bar under dynamic loads and up to 400 bar under static conditions.

The support rings must be located on the opposite side to the pressure side. For double-acting couplings, it is recommended that support rings are placed on both sides of the joint.

These rings are available from stock in PTFE and 90 NBR. They can also be made of polyurethane (AU) and other engineering plastics such as polyamide (PA) and polyacetal (POM).

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