Shaft seals ensure the radial sealing of rotating shafts with respect to a fixed part. The seal has a lip which generates the seal on the shaft surface, preventing the leakage of lubricant. These seals are used in the processing industry, in industrial machinery and in the automotive industry, among other segments.

They are the best dynamic sealing solution for low/medium pressures and medium/high speeds. In general, the usual working fluids are lubricants, although they can be used for sealing other media.

We have radial seals according to DIN 3760 and lips made of NBR, H-NBR, FPM and PTFE. We can also supply several types of lips and housings to suit every need.

Sizes are available from a shaft diameter of 3 mm upwards. Large size seals in closed or split versions for installation in rotating equipment in rolling mills in the steel industry, generators, compressors, motors, etc.

Low-friction sealing systems:

These seals are suitable for dynamic sealing of shafts rotating at high speed and where the fluid pressure is high. They are integrated by a stainless steel housing which houses a profiled lip resistant to chemical attack. They are highly recommended for high viscosity fluids and also for low lubrication fluids as they can run dry.

Available configurations are single lip and double lip (tandem or back-to-back). The lip material is filled PTFE.

The most common applications are: agitators, mixers, process pumps, screw compressors, rotary valves and gearboxes, among other equipment.

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