Combined collars and seals with wiper function for mounting on the pneumatic cylinder shaft. We have constructive designs with symmetrical or asymmetrical lips and compact designs for use in low pressure cylinders.

We have integrated wiper seal parts with or without metal housing and specially designed edges for sealing pneumatic cylinders that require little mounting space.

They are easy to replace and can be changed from the outside without having to dismantle the cylinder head. In addition, the edge design ensures a good seal with low friction, as a permanent lubricating film is maintained between the lips.

Specific designs of compact double-acting seals with two grooves on the flanks to facilitate the positioning of the seal. Thanks to its design, this seal can be used in the manufacture of small cylinders as it does not require a stroke end. The rounded profile of the central part ensures a good seal with low friction, as a lubricating film is maintained.

Nitrile (NBR) and polyurethane (AU) constructions. As an option, fluorinated rubber (FPM) can be ordered.