Epidor Seals and Rubber Technology makes every effort to provide our clients with all the documentation they require. This section provides information for downloading or consultation in a single click.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will send you the information you need.


Epidor Seals and Rubber Technology is aware that our clients must always be able to access the information they need. Our product catalogues have always been a reference in the seals and vibration isolation market, both due to the extension of the range and the high quality of the technical content. In this section you can download or consult the following catalogues and leaflets.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will send you the information you need.


The only catalogue of its kind in the market, due to the quality of its technical information, which includes relevant data such as instructions or recommendations on how to install the products, tolerances and surface finishes. A vast catalogue of almost 900 pages, divided into different chapters and organised by product ranges. To make it easy to consult or download, we have sub-divided it into various copies.

  • Estanqueidad estática
  • Juntas tóricas
  • Estanqueidad para ejes rotativos
  • Juntas para hidráulica
  • Juntas para neumática
  • Juntas moldeadas y extrusionadas
  • Aislamiento de vibraciones


A drop-down 8-page leaflet which summarises our capacity to design and manufacture mechanised seals: scraper and guide seals for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, retainers and seals for rotary shafts, support rings and all types of static seals.
It contains more than 170 profiles which we can manufacture in over 50 different materials, some of them certified to FDA, KTW, DVGW W270, 3A Sanitary Standard 18-03, NORSOK M710, EC 1935/2004 and EC 10/2011 standards.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for anything you need: our experience enables us to offer our clients constant evolution in creating new profiles and solutions adapted to each requirement. For we are convinced that R&D is the key to our future development.


A 12-page leaflet which describes our capacity to design and manufacture all types of flat seals in high-performance materials, thanks to our cooperation with the most important manufacturers of these materials. From standard seals, to special seals for each particular need.

Certified materials, suitable for the processes industry: FDA, KTW, DVGW W270, 3A Sanitary Standard 18-03, NORSOK M710, SVGW, BAM, Firesafe, TA-Luft, BS 7531, NRC, USP, ABS and EC CE 1935/2004.


We are convinced that our new retainers catalogue will help you resolve your doubts and obtain a clearer idea about the product and its application, with the main objective of preventing the inappropriate selection or use of the retainer that could cause non-scheduled stoppages in a facility.

The new retainers catalogue has two clearly different parts. The first contains information about the standards related to retainer design, nomenclature, tolerances and other technical aspects. It also provides the necessary information for selecting the type of retainer. The sealing mechanisms and different types of dynamic sealing are described in detail. It is followed by the lubrication and friction binomial and concludes with the factors that influence the selection of the retainer.

The second part starts with an explanation of the materials used to manufacture the retainers and their recommended applications. Then come the requirements for the correct installation, mounting or replacement of the retainers, with several examples showing how the sealing system can be improved, as well as guidelines for the reception and storage of the retainers.

As a practical summary of the extensive information set out in the catalogue, we should highlight the General Table of Technical Specifications, in which we have tried to make a summarised presentation of the most common retainers, based on the type of sealing and working conditions.

The catalogue ends with the fact sheets of the retainers in highest demand mentioned in the General Table of Technical Specifications, and a glossary of terms for retainers in Spanish and English."

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