Static sealing: Inflatable joints

Inflatable seals are the best solution when it is necessary to seal, handle or couple parts that move between them and can be connected or disconnected at will. The most practical way to do this is to pressurise/depressurise them with compressed air.

They are used in autoclaves, centrifuges, mills, sterilizers, pneumatic conveyors, clean rooms, airlocks, doors and isothermal and soundproofed chambers, among many other applications.

They are manufactured by extruding profiles in materials such as VMQ, EPDM, FPM and SBR, among other elastomers. Then, the ends of the profile are vulcanised and the operating valve is added.

We assist all our customers in the design phase and advise them on the most suitable profile and housing. We also develop more specific profiles and other elastomer formulations of interest in consultation.

We rely on reliable manufacturers and products whose quality and experience have been proven over many years of mutual collaboration and, in addition, we monitor compliance with our design specifications in our quality control laboratory.

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