Disponibilidad Producto

Epidor Seals and Rubber Technology is well aware that our clients appreciate immediate product availability. Over the years, we have perfected our product supply computer tools in order to ensure we have the most advanced technologies in the market.

Our control software is currently able to analyse all the sales transactions we carry out with our clients, including regular sales, demand peaks, seasonal factors, number of consumers and it compares these variables with the delivery terms of our suppliers or with our production schedule. All the above is carried out in order to guarantee the correct availability of the product in our warehouse, so it is ready for delivery to the client. Our management tool responsible for controlling the supply and manufacture of our products also allow us to analyse foreseen future demands, considering the product availability needs of each client on the agreed dates. Guaranteeing prompt service to our clients is based on our commitment to reserve the products in stock in our warehouse, based on the quantities ordered by each client. We combine this demand-planning capacity with an efficient logistics service that enables us to prepare and deliver the ordered products on the agreed dates.

We have more than 40,000 references permanently in stock for the immediate supply of the product, distributed into different product families and managed by various technical purchasers who are specialised and trained in the particularities of each product, with the firm objective of guaranteeing product availability in our central warehouse. We also rely on the availability of our main suppliers, with whom we establish long-term agreements, in order to organise the timely delivery of the product. We connect our product control software to the platforms of our main suppliers, which allows us to combine our product stocks with the products in the warehouses of those suppliers. We transfer our demand schedule to our main suppliers through programmed orders on agreed dates. We have agreements with the main transport firms to deliver the product from the manufacturing plants to our central warehouse on the agreed deadlines.

Our production capacity is based on the use of next-generation machinery, expert personnel with a customer focus, special software and a high availability of diverse materials that allow us to machine parts and manufacture flat seals, thus ensuring speedy and reliable deliveries to our clients.