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Epidor SRT has more than 55 years of experience in the seals sector, which enables us to cooperate with our clients in designing the most suitable seal for each application. Our engineering department collaborates in defining the seal at the start of each project, contributing our know-how in relation to the profile or shape of the seal, the most resistant material and the production system that best adapts to your needs in terms of cost and manufacturing deadlines.

We manufacture seals using moulding, extrusion, machining and cutting techniques, in a wide range of elastic, technical plastic and fibre-reinforced composite materials such as nitrile rubber with a medium and high acrylonitrile content, EPDM in different mixtures, including peroxide-cured for working with water vapour, and approved KTW seals for drinking water or those complying with the FDA standard for working in contact with food, Viton® for high temperatures and extreme pressure conditions and approved mixtures for the food industry, polyurethanes for high pressure and medium and low temperatures or self-lubricating seals for applications in which friction needs to be improved.

We develop and manufacture seals for static applications and O-rings, flange seals, flat seals for closing boxes, and seals for dynamic applications, grease retainers, low friction retainers, seals for hydraulic cylinders, anti-extrusion rings and guides.

Another option for cooperation with our clients that we have developed is reverse engineering and the manufacture of seals based on samples. This system is particularly suitable for improving performance results, as based on the information obtained, shapes, dimensions and materials can be changed.

Our production methods are adapted to produce small, medium and large production runs. Large runs are usually manufactured with moulds or extrusion techniques, whereas machining systems are used for medium and small production runs.

Our commitment to our clients during the seal design, manufacture and post-marketing phase is set out below:

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