Epidor Seals and Rubber Technology strives to deliver the orders of each client in a timely manner and in accordance with the client’s instructions. Our service commitment allows us to guarantee 24-hour delivery of orders received during the day for products in stock in our central warehouse.

We have our own warehouse management software to speed up the order preparation process, thus improving our order-filling efficiency. The products are “picked” using a process that optimises times and reduces errors in preparation, establishing different control points to guarantee reliability and make sure our clients are satisfied with the products they receive.

We establish preventive quality controls during the product reception process, to guarantee the products meet our specifications and ensure that our clients receive products of the highest quality. We regularly evaluate our suppliers and make suggestions to help them improve.

Apart from an efficient logistics process, we have the capacity to adapt to the needs of our clients. Epidor Seals and Rubber Technology considers that the main focus of our logistics staff is to ensure customer satisfaction and so our activity is aimed at delivering products that meet the agreed specifications.

We study and analyse the proposals of our clients in order to find a logistics solution that suits each need. Our objective is to ensure that the trust deposited by our clients in entrusting them with the management of their products is converted into a satisfactory experience based on the high degree of reliability of each order.

Our customised logistics services provides our clients with the following solutions:

  • · Creation of customised product labels
  • · Preparation of spares kits
  • · Preparation of kits for delivery in the production line
  • · Advance preparation and guarantee in reserving products for delivery on agreed dates
  • · Packaging adapted to each product, to protect it from damage during transport
  • · Monitoring of shipments with our partner transport agencies
  • · Quality control and product reports
  • · Quality reports on preliminary samples
logística a medida