Our value contribution to first-stage equipment manufacturers and OEMs lies in our cooperation in designing the best solution for their products. This implies intensive cooperation in order to understand the technical needs of the product to be manufactured and the comprehension of the competitive characteristics and benefits that this product must comply with in its market.

Our cooperation is targeted at the technical, engineering, product design and prototype departments and obviously, the procurement and “supply chain” departments, with a view to defining the standards related to price, service, deliveries, programming, installation kits and also the definition and preparation of spare part kits in order to provide after-sales service to our clients.

The presence of our Group's subsidiaries abroad facilitates the expansion of our advisory and support services in other countries.


Our experience of more than 50 years in all industrial sectors has allowed us to create a team capable to provide the most appropriate solutions for each product usage point. The cooperation we provide is targeted at Manufacturing, Plant Maintenance, Material Procurement and Supply Chain departments.

Large product and service portfolios, small supplier portfolios and if possible, the outsourcing of maintenance and procurement services are real market needs.

We cater for the needs of MRO clients and companies that supply goods and services through the group company EPIDOR Technical Distribution. Its strategic approach is focused on management, based on proximity to industrial clients that use a wide variety of products and mechanical components.